Xiaomi is a phone maker that is known for offering devices that are affordable and which come with superb battery life. However in the US people only get one out of the two. This may not be a problem for much longer as ZTE and Huawei have both entered into the market in the US.

The VP of Xiaomi said that they want to reach buyers in the US very soon, however just how soon wasn’t mentioned.

Of course this could just be nothing more than hype, so if you are a US resident you might want to take this with a pinch of salt.

Making an entry into the US could become very tricky; the OnePlus is evidence of this of course. The OnePlus One and OnePlus 2 is offered and both are great handsets. However owners do suffer from software support that it isn’t great and the OnePlus X has been struggling due to the fact that it isn’t compatible with some of the most important of the US network bands.

The OnePlus 3 could be different, but right now it isn’t looking as though it will be and this is something that Xiaomi is going to be taking into account. People in the US purchasing a phone look at things differently from consumers in other regions, and they place a lot on phone companies offering robust customer support.

Issues with patents could become a problem, but the company has filed a lot of patents, more so than other OEMs. However Xiaomi are going to have to consider this too.

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