Xbox One, Wii U Can Pick Up PlayStation VR

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It wasn’t going to take long before someone thought about trying the PlayStation VR on the Wii U or the Xbox One, so we haven’t been surprised when this happened.

A Twitter user posted that they had used their PlayStation VR to view Splatoon using the Wii U. Another owner used their device and hooked it up to the Xbox One along with the PC, where on the PC it showed the desktop of Windows.

Other users on Reddit have talked about using their PlayStation VR on the Xbox One along with other devices and they used the HDMI output and received results that varied. One downside to this was no sound but a gamer said that if you plug the headphones into the controller of the Xbox One you can get sound.

It does seem that the PlayStation VR doesn’t work on the PS4 though as when you hook it to the console it only triggers the Cinematic mode. This only makes whatever you are seeing in the headset as a cinema sized display.

So have you tried hooking up your PlayStation VR to the Xbox One or Wii U?

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