Xbox One S Gets Revenge On PlayStation 4

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It looks like the Xbox One S is getting its revenge on the PlayStation 4 thanks to its sales picking up. The Xbox One has been the US top selling console through July to September.

While Microsoft hasn’t yet released the updated sales figures for the Xbox One S, EA have said that they think that they have sold about 19 million units of the Xbox One in January. Meanwhile Nvidia said that they could have sold around 29 million in comparison to the 52 million PS4 consoles that were sold. Sony said in May that it sold over 40 million units of the PS4.

The rise in sales of the Xbox One is said to be down to the launch of the Xbox One S console, along with the aggressive price tag for existing consoles. The price tag of the Xbox One was cut down to $279 in June. The PS4 Slim came out in September and the PSVR has recently launched, both of which go towards boosting sales of Sony. Of course the PS4 Pro is also going to make a difference to the sales.

So it is looking as though the strategy of Microsoft during the summer has worked. The biggest test of course is going to be the holiday season and sales. Whether Microsoft is going to be able to hang on to the sales lead during the holiday season remains to be seen, but if they can then we can say that they have managed to turn their sales around.

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