Will The Chevrolet SS Enjoy An Ending That Is Happy?

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While the Chevrolet SS is a vehicle that offers power and good styling, it hasn’t sold all that well and this has led the car maker to kill off the vehicle.

We will see the last of the Chevrolet SS next year but before its demise it is going to be treated to a final makeover. We bet that this means the vehicle is going to get all the add-on packages that have been released since the vehicle arrived on the scene. This will be to ensure that the vehicle goes out with a bang and sales are salvaged as much as possible.

We have heard that there is going to be an happy ending for the Chevrolet SS and the vehicle will run on the 6.2 litre V8 LSA engine, so the vehicle is going to offer up plenty of power.

At the moment this is just a rumor so you are going to have to take it with a pinch of salt. We can only imagine how the Chevrolet SS will perform with the LSA V8 engine working with the 10 speed automatic gears.

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