Why Toyota Tacoma Isn’t Worried About Ford Ranger

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The Ford Ranger is coming back to the US and it will be taking on the Toyota Tacoma. However it seems that the Tacoma isn’t too worried about the Ranger as they have a great loyalty rating and it’s not thought that the Ranger will be able to steal away customers.

Vehicle loyalty has been defined by Edmunds as the percentage of vehicle owners who trade in or sell a vehicle and then go on to buy the same brand of even model. When it comes to trucks loyalty may be as high as 75%, with the next segment being vans with 52% and SUVs coming in at about 50%.

It seems that owners of trucks, including the Toyota Tacoma, are passionate about their vehicles and trucks are appealing thanks to the fact that they are now made with luxury in mind and are packed with tech. This is something that wasn’t offered some years ago.

The Toyota Tacoma offers trade in loyalty that is as high as 75% and Toyota overall comes in at 70% for trucks, with Chevrolet trucks coming in at 69.9% and the Ram having loyalty of 68.1%.

But would you swap the Toyota Tacoma for the Ford Ranger?

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