Google have announced the Pixel XL and Pixel phones, so we may be about to say goodbye to the Nexus brand. The XL is 5.5 inches and the Pixel comes in with a display of 5 inches. Google has made it clear that both devices are going to come in the high-end category as they revealed the prices as $769 and $649. This has been a shock for some people as this is the first time that Google have launched a device over $700.

The Nexus devices were sold as being affordable; of course the Nexus 6P came in with a price tag of $649, the same as the smaller Pixel. Even so this is relatively cheap when you compare the 6P against the predecessors.

The Google Pixel offers software that is more customized and it has been said that the company was hands-on in the development of the handset. Of course the Pixel is made by HTC not Google, but the devices should get updates fast, the same as the Nexus brand did.

Whether or not the $769 Pixel XL will be able to enjoy the same success as the Nexus handsets remains to be seen. Would you pay out over $700 for a Google Pixel XL?

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