Smartphone cameras are improving year after year and today they usually offer technology that helps the owner to get the best out of the camera. One piece of technology is OIS, aka optical image stabilization. However the new Google Pixel phones are not offering this tech and an employee has spoken up to tell us why.

It is said that the Google Pixel XL and Pixel isn’t going to need OIS due to the fact that photos taken with the handsets are taken with DxOMark and this is the best camera for a smartphone that you can get.

The Google Pixel phones come with a rear camera offering 12.3MP and this has the IMX378 sensor along with f/2.0 aperture. The sensor comes with 1.55 micron pixels and this means that it is 10% bigger than the competition. It means that a large sensor can capture more light and so it does better in low lighting conditions.

Consumers have been wondering why the Google Pixel phones don’t offer up the OIS technology, which is seen on just about every phone today. An employee said that Google chose to pick EIS instead of OIS, neither of these is better, it’s just that both are used for different reasons.

So does it matter that the Google Pixel handsets don’t offer OIS?

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