What Happened To The 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia?

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Alfa Romeo have launched the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia but the US still hasn’t managed to see the sports car on the roads, even though there has been confirmation that the vehicle is heading to the US, so what happened to it?

We did hear that there was going to be a small delay in seeing the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the US, but we were not given any indication as to how small the delay. Reports had been going around that the Giulia would be ready for purchasing in the US by the end of the summer of this year.

The end of the summer is going upon us rapidly and yet there hasn’t been any sign of the Alfa Romeo Giulia arriving. In Europe it is a different story as the vehicle is being sold and we know that there are plenty of orders for the car.

Perhaps the US is going to have to wait until all the pre-orders for the Alfa Romeo Giulia have been fulfilled, before it will arrive on US soil.

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