Waze-Android Auto: Google Putting Their Nose Into Your Car

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It feels like we will never escape the grasp of Google. In case you have not heard, Google was supposed to offer Waze on their Android Auto but the release was delayed. While most people believe that Google is busy trying to get the system to work with their Android Auto, others are saying that there is more to the story.

According to the University of Michigans Ross School of Business, Google will be monitoring their users and collecting data so that they can match them up with ads. It is said that Google will be looking at the driving habit of their Waze user I real time.

Once they’ve collected the information, they will use it to generate ads to their users. The ads will be a good way for Google to get some extra revenue but we do not think that the users will appreciate all the extra ads popping up on their screen all the time.

Google has not confirmed or deny it yet so we will have to wait and see if this is true.

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