One of the most popular vehicles offered by Volkswagen is the Golf but while it is popular with many, it’s not everyone’s choice. This has led to the car maker producing more units than what was wanted.

We have heard reports that suggest that there is no an oversupply of the Volkswagen Golf and that the car maker has now suspended the production of the vehicle. It is said that the Golf isn’t going to be produced between October 4-7 and December 19-22.

The surge in the Volkswagen Golf population has led to a loss of around $45 million for the car maker and as you might expect this is something that they are not too happy about, due to the fact that it affects the Golfs sales strategy.

It is looking like there may be a huge sale on the Volkswagen Golf so that they can get rid of all the stock that has accumulated. Volkswagen will need to do some damage control to clear the stock before they begin to produce vehicles next year.

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