Volkswagen Golf GTI Sheds Its 2-Door Option

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Volkswagen has made it official that they are no longer going to offer up the Volkswagen Golf GTI in the two door option. So in effect the 3-door hatchback is going to be taken from the lineup and it limits the choice to the five door version.

Some people have said that this is going to be a move that is good for the car maker as the 5 door version is more practical as it is easier to climb in and out of. However fans of the 3 door version aren’t too happy that the Volkswagen Golf GTI isn’t going to be available in three doors anymore.

Volkswagen hasn’t given a reason as to why, but it must be down to sales, or lack of them. There are more people who buy the 4 door version of the vehicle than buy the two door.

This means that Volkswagen are making the Volkswagen Golf GTI in only one configuration and this is going to save them production costs.

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