Volkswagen Come Out On Top Of Dieselgate Scandal

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It was only last year when Volkswagen had to hand their head in shame following it coming to light that they cheated on diesel emissions. This culminated in them facing penalties and law suits, but it seems that they came out on top as it didn’t affect the monthly sales of the vehicles.

Once again the same applies as Volkswagen revealed the sales figures for the first half of this year and they said that they have sold 2, 925, 000 vehicles around the world. This is only 20,000 less than last year in the same period of time.

This means that the loss of Volkswagen has only been around 0.7% and this is a positive thing when you take the scandal into account. There has been a great deal of hate pointed at the car maker, but still the vehicles have continued to sell.

But have you forgiven Volkswagen for the diesel scandal and can you trust them again?

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