Visage Will Be Joining Silent Hill Soon?

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It looks like the horror game fans might be up for another huge disappointment as one of the most anticipated Horror game for 2017 might not make it.

After the huge disappointment that was Silent Hill, the fans thought that Visage will be the one to fill in the empty space. The trailer showed a first person view game that is similar to what the Silent Hill P.T looked like.

According to the developer, SadSquare Studios, the upcoming horror game Visage will not be arriving in 2017 like a promise. While they did announce the delay, they did not reveal the new release window. The only timeframe given now is “Someday”

Some fans now believe that the “Someday” might actually mean never and that Visage might end up being another Silent Hill game. The developer did give a short update on their progress so far and it does look like things are still going well.

Let’s hope the game does not get cancel in the end. You can check out the trailer for Visage below.

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