Valve Opens Cold Case Files On Half Life 2: Episode Three

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Fans really want to see Half Life episode three make its way out and so much so that they have nominated Half Life 2 episode two for game that deserves a follow-up, which is a custom award.

Valve brought in the Steam Awards with the Autumn Sale recently and there are some pre-set awards that gamers are able to nominate their favourite games for. The last of the awards however was left blank for gamers to fill in. Valve said it was the We didn’t think of everything Award.

Of course users of Steam have jumped onto it and there have been plenty of names for the blank award. One of the most popular of which is the Game that deserves a sequel. They have nominated Half Life 2: Episode 2 to get the award and it came about when one user posted his idea to the message board.

Many gamers agreed with this and players agreed that they would use the exact name for the category and it caught on fast.

At the moment you cannot see what other gamers have nominated for the awards, but the Reddit post has been very popular and as such it has got a few thousand votes.

So it seems that most people would like to see Half Life 2: Episode 2 take the win as being the game that deserves a sequel.

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