Upcoming Verizon Phones (2013): What To Look Out For

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We have already taken a look at what Sprint are offering this year by way of handsets and now it’s time to check out what upcoming phones Verizon have set. We know that two handsets are coming and while we know of another five, they haven’t been announced just yet.

First there is the Blackberry Z10 and Q10 with the first of these expected to arrive around March. Residents in the US cannot wait for the handset to arrive as a lot of fuss has been written about it. While you can already get the device in the US you do have to pay a high price for it. The Blackberry Q10 is making its way onto Verizon; however it is thought that it will have a delay until May. This is a blow of course for those waiting to get their hands on the physical keyboard on the device.

The HTC M7 or the One as it will be called with Verizon is heading to Verizon however at the moment we don’t know when it will be available. For now we have to wait until next week as HTC will be holding a press event, which is great as it will get a head start over the announcements of new handsets at MWC.

Four more handsets are making their way to Verizon in the shape of the Blackberry Laguna, LG Optimus Blaze and Samsung Godiva. These devices cater for those on a budget. These handsets are a given, however it is also thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 will come along in just a few months’ time, as will the next generation iPhone along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, however it is thought that it will be September at the earliest before we see the handset.

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