Upcoming BMW i3 Will Trade In Carbon Fiber For Aluminum

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The BMW i3 is a luxury hatchback that has the EV powertrain which is light in weight and which is able to last for over 100 miles.

Soon though we are expecting to see the next generation of the BMW i3 and the vehicle is going to come with larger batteries that are going to offer up a driving range that is bigger. Now BMW have talked about the fact that they are going to do away with carbon fiber on the i3.

They said that the carbon fiber isn’t that good when it comes to weight reduction and they think that aluminum is going to be a much better choice. Therefore the upcoming BMW i3 is going to have aluminum replacing carbon fiber parts.

BMW hasn’t offered up any details about the battery size heading to the BMW i3, however they did say that it is going to be an upgrade, so are you excited?

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