Traffic Light Tech Of Audi Isn’t Going To Offer Impact On Launch

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Today car makers want to come up with a powertrain that is able to offer consumers a mix between good fuel economy and power. Audi however seem to be more interested in being able to give their vehicles some of the most innovative tech possible.

Audi have revealed traffic light technology that they say is able to know when the traffic lights turns from red to green and they gave us a demonstration of the technology in action that has us on the edge of our seats.

The technology does work superbly but the issue is with the application of the technology in Audi vehicles. We cannot see how it is going to get a release that is going to make an impact. This is due to the fact that it’s not that often that you manage to be at the front on a congested road when the red light is on.

Even if the traffic light technology is able to notify the driver when the green light is on, the driver of the vehicle still has to depend on the reaction of the driver in front. However there is a positive thing about the technology and this is the fact that it should allow us to get a peek at our phones while at the traffic light.

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