Toyota RAV4 And 2017 Honda CR-V Don’t Plan On Waiting

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Right now the Toyota RAV4 is behind the Honda CR-V by a small margin but Honda cannot afford to sit back on their laurels and wait.

Hybrids are very popular at the moment and we have heard from Honda that there may be a Honda CR-V coming our way in hybrid format. The majority of people believe that this isn’t going to happen until the 2018 model of the CR-V is launched. But can Honda afford to sit back and wait and do nothing in the meantime?

Toyota hasn’t sat back and waited to get out a hybrid vehicle and the Toyota RAV4 have helped sales to rise by 10%.

Should Honda continue to sit back and do nothing about bringing out a hybrid until the 2018 model comes our way they could lose out and they could also lose the small margin they have and allow Toyota to catch them up.

The Toyota RAV4 hybrid offers up 34mpg when driving in the city and 31mpg out on the highway. The standard version of the Honda CR-V gives around 26mpg when driving in the city and 32mpg out on the highway.

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