Electric vehicles are popular today and carmakers are coming up with vehicles that offer up a range of 300 plus miles. The Toyota Prius may well be counting down the days to its retirement as the vehicle just cannot compete.

Toyota has taken things into consideration and they have now set up an in-house company with the intention of making an electric vehicle that is able to compete. They have been the leaders for fuel cell technology and hybrids and now they are entering into the electric market with a vehicle that should be launched in Japan by 2020.

The staff for the in-house company comes from four of the Toyota companies and staffs are able to operate independently when it comes to the research and design of the new electric vehicle.

At the same time Toyota is going to work on fuel cell vehicles as they have the Mirai, which is called the ultimate vehicle among eco-cars. So when Toyota does come up with an electric vehicle the Toyota Prius may be leaving us.

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Mario Caballero

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