Toyota Prius Can’t Go Much Further As Hybrid

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Toyota came up with a strategy that focused on hybrids for more than a decade and the pioneer was the Toyota Prius, however it is thought that the vehicle isn’t able to go much further as a hybrid.

At the moment the Toyota Prius is in the fourth generation and it comes in full hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions. Toyota also offers the first production hydrogen FCV in the world by the name of the Mirai.

When the Mirai was launched officials said that they didn’t want to put the focus on electric vehicles, instead going for hybrid or hydrogen tech to ensure that the vehicle was eco-friendly. However things changed and this was by way of more electric cars coming to the market.

Hydrogen fuel cells are perhaps the best choice for eco-friendly vehicles as they can be fuelled fast, while electrics are able to benefit from infrastructure. Hydrogen fuelling stations are now rare in comparison to electric charging points. Toyota may wish to keep hydrogen fuel cells for the Mirai along with successor and the next Toyota Prius may be an all-electric vehicle.

The website of Toyota says that the company is advancing on their next generation of battery technology so it does look like Toyota has plans for their EVs and the Toyota Prius.

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