Toyota Prius: All Roads Lead To Electric Model

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Toyota is a huge fan of the hydrogen fuel cell engines but as the technology has proven difficult to sell the car maker could be about to turn away to an all-electric version of vehicle, to go alongside the hybrid.

The news about Toyota moving into all-electric came by way of a Japanese newspaper. They said that the car maker is looking into the possibility of long-range electric vehicles to be mass shipped by 2020. Of course they do have competition from such as Tesla, Nissan and Volkswagen.

Toyota has reservations about all-electric vehicles as the car maker has said that the rechargeable batteries are expensive and it takes a long time to charge them. However it had been predicted that they would eventually move away from hydrogen fuel technology and go onto battery powered vehicles to be able to meet with the strict emission controls.

The Toyota Mirai hydrogen vehicles has failed to sell over in the US in the way that Toyota is used to selling, even with the cost-cutting measures, which meant that the vehicle was cheaper.

Now we are hearing that they will be putting together a team to work on electric vehicles with a range of 186 miles on a single charge, which they will start work on in 2017. Within the next four years the company wants to enter into the global shipping, shipping vehicles out to California and China.

Do you think Toyota should leave behind hydrogen fuel cell technology and instead go with the electric vheicles?

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