There are many different ways that you can measure the strength of the powertrain of an EV vehicle. One of the main ways is to work out the driving range of the EV. If you go on range for the measurement then you will see that one of the best vehicles on the market at the moment happens to be the Tesla Model S.

The driving range on the Tesla Model S P100D is 315 miles and this is 3 miles more than what the Toyota Mirai offers up. Of course the Mirai doesn’t just rely on pure electric powertrain, the main source of energy is produced electrically though from hydrogen.

On this basis you will see that the Toyota Mirai is able to offer up 312 miles driving range and then you refill on hydrogen just as fast as you can with gas. The Tesla Model S offers up the biggest range but over a period of 24 hours it is the Toyota Mirai that comes out ahead for distance covered.

The Toyota Mirai managed to get itself in the Guinness World Records when it took the title of being the vehicle with the longest drive range over 24 hours. The record was made by True Zero, the hydrogen provider; this motivated them to make more hydrogen stations in the future.

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