Toyota Markets Prius Prime As Safest Bet

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There are a lot of people still sceptical about electric cars and it is these people that Toyota are aiming at drawing in and the car maker is touting the Toyota Prius Prime as being the best bet for sceptics.

The new Toyota Prius Prime is being marketed towards tech savvy people aged between 18 to 49 and with incomes of above $75,000 and who want to save the environment.

They are not running a national TV campaign, instead they have gone for a highly targeted campaign using Addressable TV ads. This allows them to target certain consumers by household characteristics. eMarketer published a report earlier on this year that and it said that addressable over in the US would surge by around 119.4% to reach $890 million. That is 1.3% of total TV ad spending said the report.

Toyota is interested in addressable as ads can help them to target those households where the car leases are just about to end and this means that people could be on the lookout to purchase a new vehicle soon.

The Toyota Prius Prime has a price tag of $27, 965 and anyone buying the vehicle can benefit from the $4,500 federal tax credits. The Hybrid Prius can run on gas when in hybrid mode or the owner may choose to use the electric motor on its own or both. In electric model the range is only 25 miles though. As gas is low at the moment and remains so the sales of the Prius in the US in October dropped 28%, so Toyota is hoping that the Addressable ads will bring sales back up.

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