Toyota has got on-board with BMW for the next generation of the Supra and this is a vehicle that is going to be unveiled later on this year. Now we are hearing that the brand name Supra may be retired and that the new vehicle is going to take on a different name.

The rumors say that Toyota is ditching the Supra name so they won’t feel they have failed if the new vehicle doesn’t impress. It seems that they don’t have that much faith in the new Supra and so came to the decision when they faced a backlash over destroying the legacy of the AE86 with the brand new version.

But it does seem that perhaps the rumors are wrong. Toyota have now said that they are not scared of using the Supra name of the upcoming vehicle and they said they will be using the name for the vehicle that is being developed.

So it looks like Toyota does have confidence in the next generation of the Supra and it being able to beat the version that came before it, or do they?

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