With most of the automakers trying to push out an electric crossover of their own, we were also expecting to see one from Toyota but it looks like we might not see one from them.

According to Toyota’s North American group vice president and GM, there is just not enough demand for electric vehicles right now. Toyota does not seem convinced that there is a market for it right now which means we might not see anything from them for the time being.

Toyota might have come to that conclusion after the Toyota RAV4 EV sales were far less than that they expected it to be. While that might be true, others also think that the huge price tag of the RAV4 EV could also be one of the reasons why the vehicle was not doing as well as they thought it would.

While it looks like Toyota will be holding back for now, we should be seeing more electric vehicles coming from their rivals like Ford and Volkswagen.

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Mario Caballero

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