Toyota Corolla Turbocharged Hopes Shattered By Obvious

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Honda came up with a new Honda Civic that gave the vehicle some of the best fuel economy figures while at the same time offering plenty of power. Since then fans of the Corolla have been asking for Toyota To offer the vehicle with a high performance turbocharged engine.

Toyota did take notice but the hopes of a turbocharged version of the Toyota Corolla have been shattered. Toyota didn’t exactly say why but the obvious reason is that they want to protect their vision of the Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla has been known to be a vehicle that is reliable along with being affordable and economical among the compact sedans. A turbocharged vehicle is known for owners to pay more when they want their vehicle servicing and typically they don’t last as long.

Toyota may have a primary focus on their cars lasting a million miles and so it is going to take something very special for them to offer the Toyota Corolla with turbocharged engine.

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