Toyota takes the title of being one of the biggest car makers in the world and the reason is they offer up vehicles that are affordable and which are economical along with being practical and reliable. You really couldn’t ask for anything more from a car maker.

But 2016 hasn’t been the best year for Toyota as they have had losses during the past four months and it is a worrying time for them. Surely they must be looking forward to this year ending and a new year beginning.

In August the sales figures fell by around 5% and it was said that this was due to the demand for Toyota vehicles having reduced in the US. Scion is closing shops and this has meant that Toyota has had to absorb the losses.

Lovers of Toyota are hoping that the losses are going to shake up Toyota to get them to offer up a variety of vehicles, instead of only those that are reliable and practicable. Perhaps now is the time for the car maker to go sporty with their vehicles?

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Mario Caballero

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