When the new version of the Toyota 86 arrived on the scene there were some people who said that the vehicle was a disgrace to the brand. Many years ago the vehicle had been said to be one of the best in performance history, thanks to it being able to offer performance that beat any other car out at that time. While the 86 that is offered at the moment comes with superb looks, it doesn’t offer that great performance that people want.

Things have now changed as we have seen a version of the Toyota 86 that can actually live up to the legacy of performance car. We are talking about a version of the car that was seen in Australia, which ditched the 4 cylinder in favor of one that is extremely fast and it gives the power deserved. It had the 4.1 litre GT-R engine that had been boosted to offer 1000 horses.

The engine swap for the Toyota 86 was done by tuning firm StreetFX in Australia and while we don’t know the exact performance it offers, you can be sure that the power is insane as the chassis is lightweight.

So what do you think about a 1000 horsepower Toyota 86, does it offer enough power and performance for you?

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Mario Caballero

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