Toyota 86: Fix The Past Before Heading Forward

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Toyota has been developing the next generation of the Toyota 86 and it is thought that the vehicle is going to make its arrival during Q4 of this year. When the vehicle arrives it should be the correction model for the current version out on the market as it didn’t offer up a driving experience that was mesmerizing.

However there is still an issue with the Toyota 86 that is out at the moment and Toyota may already be onto it. They are in the midst of recalling from than 15,000 examples of the vehicle in Australia along with 3,000 of the Subaru BRZ, following an issue with the power steering on the vehicles.

The cars that are affected were made for RHD countries and it is thought that the recall is down to the wire harness layout being improper and this might lead to loss of power steering assist.

There is some good news in the Toyota is already working on the fix and when they have completed it we can look ahead to the launch of the next generation Toyota 86 along with the Subaru BRZ.

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