T-Mobile iPhone 5 Coming 4 Months Early But No Subsidies

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Here’s some good news for T-Mobile users interested in the iPhone. T-Mobile’s CEO announced during CES that they would be carrying the iPhone this year and that its release date has been brought forward.

T-Mobile iPhone 5 release date in next 3-4 months

According to the CEO, the T-Mobile iPhone 5 original 6-9 months launch window has been pulled in to now only be 3 to 4 months. So effectively, we could see a T-Mobile iPhone 5 hit stores before the summer. Interestingly that will be just before the iPhone 6 may be revealed at WWDC 2013.

The T-Mobile boss had something more to add as well. At the same time, T-Mobile will be ending phone subsidies, meaning that you would have to pay the full price tag for the iPhone 5 when it become available.

On the plus side, with the lower monthly plans offered by T-Mobile coupled with the fact that you aren’t tied down for 2 years and the iPhone has a high resale value, you could make upgrades to next iPhone much easier. While most users would skip an iPhone due to their 2-year plan, T-Mobile users would be able to upgrade annually if they wish to.

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