T-Mobile: iPhone 5 Is On Its Way But You Better Save Up Big

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The Apple iPhone 5 will be seen for the first time with T-Mobile and those who have been waiting to get their hands on the device will feel as though they have had to wait for a lifetime.

T-Mobile said that they always wanted to offer the Apple iPhone, but they did not want to give in to Apple and meet their demands. Other carriers did this, including Sprint.

In the US the Apple iPhone happens to be one of the best-selling handsets and with the exception of T-Mobile, it is available with all the major carriers. Some people even believe that the iPhone wouldn’t be offered by T-Mobile when version 6 came out, unless they could offer it to their customers without subsidies. However this didn’t happen with Sprint or anyone else and thanks to them applying discounts on the iPhone, Sprint will not make a profit until 2015.

T-Mobile have had the Samsung Galaxy S3 in their corner, and the LG Nexus 4, both of these handsets have brought in money. This has left people wondering why T-Mobile never gave in to Apple, as the coverage of Apple is great as is their prices. But do people really need the iPhone with T-Mobile? After all people can take the iPhone unlocked, to T-Mobile and use it with a pre-paid plan.

T-Mobile is to offer the Apple iPhone 5 and the CEO said that the carrier would get the handsets in just 3 to 4 months. At the same time they will do away with their subsidised plans. So if you want the Apple iPhone 5 with T-Mobile then you would have to start saving up now as it would cost you $650 off contract, instead of $200 if you had it on contract.

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