Titanfall 2 Makes Battlefield 1 Look Less Worthwhile

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The developers of Titanfall 2, Respawn Entertainment, have been talking about what is going to make the game stand out among the competition and they said that the game isn’t going to have a season pass or paid multiplayer DLC.

They said that all of the modes and maps of Titanfall 2 are going to be free in them multiplayer, so they are not splitting up the community and it does make Battlefield 1 look less worthwhile now.

The developer said that there wouldn’t be any additional cost to gamers once they have bought the game. Those who pre-ordered Titanfall 2 are getting three days early access to the Angel City multiplayer map and then it will be launched for everyone.

This of course is in contrast to competition such as Battlefield 1, the game comes with a premium pass and this gives gamers DLC when it is released over time. However the pass is $49.99 on top of the game. It seems that Respawn Entertainment don’t agree with this and they made it quite clear in a Tweet recently.

So it looks like the developer has the gamer in mind with Titanfall 2 and is ensuring that all players enjoy the same experience. This is a superb move as not all gamers can afford to spend additional money on a game that they have already bought.

Titanfall 2 is on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One, so let us know what you think of the idea about not charging for DLC content and whether you think other developers will be following suit in the future.

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