Rockstar was teasing early on that they were going to bring out a sequel to a much loved old game and of course it wasn’t long before gamers started talking about which game that might be. Two names stood out and they were Bully 2 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

Now it looks like they have chosen Red Dead Redemption 2 as they have patented a new open world western theme game.

This does sounds great for everyone who loved playing the first version of the game. However there are still many fans who would like to see Bully 2 make its way out. While Bully perhaps wasn’t as well liked as RDR or GTA, it was a fun game and there are many people who liked it and want to see a sequel.

Rockstar knows that Bully 2 would be well received and they could come out with it in the future. They have now said that the game is under consideration. Fans of Bully can enjoy the Anniversary Edition that can be played on smartphones.

The Bully Anniversary Edition is going to keep the hype alive for Bully 2 and it should help to pass some time while waiting for the sequel.

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