Toyota is hard at work at building the next generation of the Toyota 86 and when it arrives the vehicle is going to offer up plenty more power. This does sound very exciting for those who like the brand in the US, however when people found out that it would only offer up 5 horses more, people then began to criticize the car maker and vehicle.

You cannot really call an additional 5 horses an upgrade really. The Toyota 86 is going to offer up the 2 litre 4 cylinder engine and this is going to offer 205 horses. These kind of figures don’t really match the sporty looks of the vehicle.

But is there really an issue with the power figures? While five horses isn’t a great deal, it cannot class the Toyota 86 as being a failure. Perhaps Toyota will be improving the mid-range revs of the vehicle and if so the overall performance of the vehicle is going to be engaging.

We see it that many of the people who comment on cars in the US are addicts of power and power is the only thing that really matters. People love drag racing and of course stop light acceleration is one of the biggest worries.

The Toyota 86 does have the potential to be a great vehicle and it may or it may not live up to expectations in drag. However on the track it should do very well. However there are not too many people who prefer track over drag racing and one of the main reasons could be that they are frightened of knowing just how bad they are at driving.

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