Not too long back we showed you a response email from Mazda that gave an explanation about the RX-Series of the car maker. We wanted to know when to expect the successor, which would be the Mazda RX-9.

We got a response from Mazda and they said that they would launch the Mazda RX-8 once the rotary engine has been developed. Today reports have been going around the internet that suggest that the rotary engine is now going through the last stages of development and we expect it to be ready by 2018.

When the rotary technology is ready, Mazda will then begin on the design looks along with the technology for the vehicle and then the Mazda RX-9 should go into production. It has been suggested that we may see the vehicle arrive in 2020.

These are just rumors of course and at the moment we don’t have any evidence to back it up. We did ask Mazda to provide us with confirmation and we are waiting for their response.

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Mario Caballero

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