The Nissan GT-R is getting old as it is now more than one decade old; however it hasn’t lost any of its speed. Nissan has launched the final new look of the vehicle and this has revealed that the car has got more horses instead of losing them.

Just as ten years previous, the Nissan GT-R has managed to blow the rivals clear out of the water. The Japanese are very proud of it being able to compete with some of the bigger heavyweights.

While the Nissan GT-R may be superb, it could have to make way for a new vehicle as we have heard that the Lexus LC500 is in the making and it is coming with performance that is insane and which is close to the Lexus LFA.

If the rumors prove to be true the Lexus LC500 is going to come with the V6 turbocharged engine and this should be able to offer up 500 horses. The LC500 is going to be offered with driving upgrades and all of these are going to boost the performance and handling of the vehicle.

Of course we do have to wait to find out if it is going to be better than the Nissan GT-R. Perhaps the Lexus LC500 is going to be held at bay by the GT-R?

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