The Division: How To Play As Single Player

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The Division is all about the Online Multiplayer gameplay but there is actually a way you can play the game alone although the developers do not recommend it.

According to Magnus Jensen, the creative director of the game, the game can be played as a single player game, in fact, he said that the game is a great single player game but he also added that it will be much more fun to play in co-op mode.

The best way to play the game alone is to play the full campaign in the game. Yes, there is one. You will be able to play as Tech, Security or Medical and the mission you get will be based on the characters you select.

Not only is there Missions where you can play alone but you can also play solo in the DarkZone although things can get a little rough in there.

Although you can play the game alone, you will still need to be online all the time.

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