Tesla has been surrounded with controversy about the Autopilot feature on their vehicles but they have stepped up against the abusers with a new update for the feature, which aims to stop dead any more abuse.

The update for the Autopilot software is 8.0 and it imposes restrictions on the system. One of the biggest changes is seen with the systems abort procedure. It is thought that at the moment the Autopilot deactivation alert system isn’t working as it should and so the update aims to remedy it.

The new rule will mean that the drivers hands don’t have to be on the steering wheel for the Autopilot system to deactivate. This means that the driver cannot refuse driving duties, so it is going to be safer for all concerned.

This is a big step Tesla is taking and they are taking it as there has been a lot of complaints about the Autopilot system and Tesla vehicles crashing. However Tesla has said that the driver should be the one to take the responsibility as they have not been ready to act when they needed to.

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Mario Caballero

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