Tesla Pickup Truck: Is It Going To Electrify Critical Segment?

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Pickup trucks are something of an American culture and this is one of the main reasons why almost every car maker based in the U offers up at least one single pickup.

One of the latest additions to the US car makers is Tesla Motors and at the moment they don’t offer a pickup truck. The EV car company has been teasing that they would like to offer an EV pickup truck on the market in the US. But would it have appeal?

The picture is from an artist who gave us their idea of what the Tesla pickup truck might look like. This isn’t official but the render has stuck with the Tesla design language and if they were to offer a pickup then this may be it.

We think that while the render does look good, it may be too soft for the pickup truck market in the US, which is generally more hardcore. The Tesla pickup would come with an EV engine and this may not suit performance lovers out there.

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