The Tesla Model SP90D is one of the best performance vehicles that is out there right now, despite the fact that it has the electric powertrain.

The Tesla Model SP90D along with the Ludicrous Mode means that there are not that many vehicles that are able to come close to it when racing on the straight track. But what happens when you venture out onto the twisty roads? Well now there is a clear winner between the SP90D and the Bugatti Veyron as they both went up against each other going round the Top Gear track.

Of course the Bugatti Veyron was for a long time the fastest road legal vehicle, which means that it may be the perfect choice for going up against the Tesla Model SP90D.

But which would you choose, would you go for the Bugatti Veyron or would you choose the Tesla Model SP90D?

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Mario Caballero

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