Tesla Model S P100D May Not Be Overpriced

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We have seen the official price tag for the Tesla Model S P100D and it isn’t cheap. The vehicle offers up good driving range along with superb performance and a big 100kWh battery.

If you are thinking about purchasing the Tesla Model S P100D then you are going to have to hand over at least $134, 500. The P90D used to be the top of the range but the P100D is around $20,000 more. This is a big leap in price and some people have said that it may be overpriced.

When considering the price tag bear in mind that the Tesla Model S P100D offers a driving range that is 62 miles more than what the P90D and it is a lot faster as it can reach 60mph in only 2.9 seconds.

The Tesla Model S P100D is therefore a vehicle that is insanely fast for an electric vehicle and the price tag may well be worth it for that extra power and range.

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