Tesla Model S P100D Could Take The EV Drag Speed Record

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Tesla is working on a 100kWh battery and this is the battery that is going to be offered up with cars in the future. The bigger battery will of course mean that Tesla vehicles will be able to offer longer distances for driving along with performance that is powerful.

The Tesla Model S P100D has been catching a lot of attention for those who love speed and its managed to get all this attention even though the vehicle hasn’t been released.

Tesla did announce the P100D with the ludicrous mode and this means that the vehicle is going to be able to go from standing still to 60mph in 2.5 seconds.

The Tesla Model S P100D is going to look to take the EV drag speed record and it is going up against the timings of the Ferrari LaFerrari along with the Porsche 918.

It is going to be very interesting to watch the performance of the Tesla Model S P100D when out on the drag strip. The vehicle comes with the Ludicrous mode and this has proved itself on a straight line and it should get even better. We expect the P100D to come with a price tag in the region of $134, 500.