The Autopilot is the system from Tesla motors that brings autonomous technology to the vehicles. There has been a great deal of debate about the Autopilot system and whether it shouldn’t be used on the roads. More so after it was said to be the cause behind some high profile crashes.

Tesla is not really stressed about the controversy though and they are looking ahead to the future. Straight after they revealed the Tesla Model S P100D and the Model X, it was found that the Autopilot feature received a hike up in price.

The Autopilot was priced at $3,000 but now if you want the system you will have to pay $3,500. While this isn’t a huge jump up, it does tell us that the feature keeps evolving and as such this means that the price is going to keep rising.

At the moment the hike up in price isn’t going to turn the Autopilot into a premium feature as both the Tesla Model X and the Model S are not too cheap to purchase. If you can buy the vehicles then you must surely be able to afford to purchase the Autopilot.

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