Tesla is getting ever closer to achieving the GAAP profitability for quarter three of this year and due to that fact they are now desperate to sell off the stock of the Tesla Model S.

Once the email leaked it was said that Tesla was offering up perks and discounts that were unusual. Once when you wanted to buy a Tesla vehicle it was weeks before you got the vehicle but now some people have said that they were able to drive the vehicle off the lot.

Some people have said that Tesla is offering up some great deals. Some have said that the Tesla Model S 75 is now available for the same price as the Model S 60 and others said that they have been given up to as much as $7500 in additional discounts.

This isn’t like Tesla as they generally don’t offer up so many discounts and deals and this had led to some people saying that Tesla may be getting a bit desperate.

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Mario Caballero

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