Tesla Model S Gives Customers Pyro Show But No One Wants It

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While a car may be said to be superb one thing that you should never do before you go ahead and buy it is buy it without first test driving it to make sure that it suits you. This is what one customer did in France when they were considering buying the Tesla Model S.

The person test drove the Tesla Model S under the supervision of the sales person and before long he found out that the vehicle offered a pyro feature that surprised him. Actually it was one that no customer would want to see as the vehicle caught on fire.

This occurred when the sales person found an error on the infotainment system in the Tesla Model S and it said there was an issue with the charging network. He got the customer to stop driving the car and pull over and just when he was about to inspect the vehicle it became an inferno.

One good thing is that no one was injured in the fire and Tesla are looking into why the Tesla Model S set on fire like that.

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