Generally the more advanced that a vehicle becomes the more vulnerable it is. We have seen just how vulnerable new vehicles packed with new technology can actually be and it seems that Tesla could be about to join them.

It seems that just as with vehicles from Jeep, hackers are able to gain control of the Tesla Model S. They are able to do this as they are able to take control of the features of the vehicle and then unlock it.

A technology company is China said that the Tesla Model S does have vulnerabilities that means that hackers in the know could take control of the Tesla Model S remotely.

If they do so they would have access to the door locks, braking system and the central display along with the sunroof. The company even managed to demonstrate how someone would be able to take control of the cars braking system even if they happened to be twelve miles away. You can imagine the consequences if this were to happen by someone with bad intentions.

Tesla knows about the issue and they said that they are working on fixing it as soon as they can.

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Mario Caballero

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