Tesla Model S Begins Full-Autonomy Push Before 2017

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Elon Musk has made yet another bold and brash statement as he has said that the Tesla Model S is going to be fully autonomous in three weeks’ time and this means before the end of the year.

Tesla came up with the Autopilot system and now the software is being updated so that it enables self-driving capabilities that are improved. Recently Musk was questioned on Twitter about when to expect the Autopilot 8.1 update and he said in three weeks.

The features are going to be rolled out incrementally in monthly releases and this is in-line with the previous statement that the autonomous functions are going to be enabled when the hardware has been validated along with being calibrated through real world driving.

The new features of the Autopilot update will bring lane keeping assistance, ability to be able to change lanes automatically without the input from the driver, self-parking, active cruise control and much more.

Musk said that the new hardware of Autopilot will eventually be able to self-drive and this should happen next year. Of course the laws about autonomous vehicles don’t permit the full range of the abilities of the system at the moment.

But would you trust a Tesla vehicle to be able to drive and changes lanes itself without input from you?

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