Tesla Model S Becomes A Puppet

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Generally the more advanced that vehicles become the more that vehicle is vulnerable. Jeep showed us just how vulnerable new vehicles can be with the new technology they have and it seems that Jeep could be about to follow suit.

Just as with Jeep hackers may be able to get control over the Tesla Model S and they then can gain access to it. This can be done by taking over some of the features of the vehicle and then unlocking it.

A Chinese technology company by the name of Tencent said that the Tesla Model S does have some vulnerability that means that hackers could take over the Model S.

Hackers could control some of the features such as the braking of the vehicle, the door locks and the central display. They even showed how this could be done when they took control of the Tesla Model S when they were 12 miles away.

They have notified Tesla and they are going to work to fix the issues as soon as they can.

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