Tesla Model S Autopilot Crash: Perhaps This Was The Reason

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We have been hearing about the Tesla Model S crashing over the last few months and there are many people who have put the blame onto the Autopilot, which is semi-autonomous. But Tesla did give out a warning that the system should be used with caution, so can you really blame it on the system?

Even when using the system it is the responsibility of the driver when out driving on the road. They said that the hands of the driver should always be on the steering wheel, even if the driver has the Autopilot activated.

We have however seen some evidence by way of a video that seems to tell us why the Autopilot is being blamed, when the blame should be on the driver. The clip shows that the driver isn’t taking notice of Tesla as he doesn’t have his hands on the wheel. In fact he appears to be sleeping.

This could be why crashes occur and not that there is fault with the Autopilot of Tesla.

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