Tesla Model S Autopilot Accident: We Might Know The Reason Why

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Over the last few months there have been reports of the Tesla Model S being involved in accidents and the crashes have been blamed on the semi-autonomous feature of the vehicle, with the name of the Autopilot. However, you cannot really blame the accidents on the Autopilot as Tesla did say that it had to be used with caution.

This means that the responsibility of the Tesla Model S is down to the driver not the autonomous system. The drivers hands should be firmly on the steering wheel of the vehicle when it is motion regardless of whether or not the autonomous system is in place.

We have now received a video that shows why accidents may occur when the Autopilot is in use and this is down to the fact that the drivers don’t act responsibly.

In this video you can see that the driver seems to be sleeping in his Tesla Model S while the Autopilot drives. Surely the fault of any crash is with the driver not the Autopilot?

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  1. R Sahasranamaiyer

    August 3, 2016 at 9:56 am

    What do you expect the driver to do in auto pilot? When you build fancy toys you lure people to danger. Cell phones, texting, now sleeping on an auto pilot mode.

    We need to accept we are creating a dangerous world.